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For over 20 years I’ve been writing about Liverpool FC, and have written more than a dozen books on the club. Since 2009 thousands of readers have paid to read my work on The Tomkins Times (TTT), which has grown from just my own small blog into a site that employs other writers, and hosts a vibrant and intelligent, well-mannered community. Some of this will be showcased in our Free Friday newsletter, which picks out a handful of the best posts on the site that week, as well as links to all the articles published on the site.

Substack is a way for me to share some content from TTT, as well as observations and news updates, given that I barely use social media anymore (despite a big following), due to the toxic nature of the beast, and how reacting emotionally and instantly to news is dumbing us all down. As such, Substack will be my preferred way of communicating with readers, outside of The Tomkins Times website itself.

It is free to subscribe to this mailing list, but at some point there will also be a paid option, to receive some (but not all) of the best paywalled writing from TTT directly into your inbox.

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